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20 Engaging Content Ideas to Post on Social Media for Your Private Practice

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

Often times when it comes to creating content, we tend to draw a blank...

Then... we start to overthink these questions: "Where do I start? What is the right content to post? Will the content I post even be engaging?"

We get that it tends to be complicated when it comes to planning the content that you will share on social media.

So, to give you a head start, we made a list of 20 engaging content creation ideas. Use these ideas to make a blog post and then share it on social media (or however you feel most comfortable)!

  • Let people know your story, why you became a therapist in the first place

  • Answer FAQ'S

  • Share a story that relates to mental health (This could be personal or a past experience)

  • Share a book that you are reading and your thoughts on it

  • Share a personal win or success

  • Share a loss or failure (afraid to fail? Don't be. Check out our 37 Positive Affirmations To Start Your Day which could help you overcome losses)

  • Share a routine, like a morning or night routine

  • Share a charity you have partnered with

  • Share statistics or a case study related to mental health

  • Host or share a poll related to your specialty

  • Ask a question based on emotions and opinions

  • Share a podcast episode you love that may be helpful for your clients

  • Share a quick tip (like how we did with our 6 Free Tips On How to Have a Stress-Free Private Practice)

  • Share a product you are really interested in and that helps clients with mental health (Affiliate opportunity)

  • Share what inspires you, this could be a list or a simple graphic

  • Share someone's success story that is mental health-related

  • Post a "Fill in the Blank" post

  • Share a Pinterest pin you like

  • Share your favorite self-care routine (hint hint, we actually discussed the importance of self-care here in one of our previous blogs)

  • Offer an AMA (Ask Me Anything) post

If you are looking to bring it up a notch and create graphics with these engaging content ideas, try using Canva. Canva is a great software for beginners. It gives you simple layouts to choose from to create beautiful, eye-catching graphics. Click here for a free 30 day trial of Canva pro.

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