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Meet our dedicated team


Blair Lowe

Client Care Manager/Social Media Strategist/Customer Service Specialist

Blair is such an amazing addition to the Stress-Free VA team. Blair has many roles and completes all of them perfectly. She has a positive attitude and is always coming up with solutions in an effective way. Blair is married to her high school sweetheart and has 2 amazing little boys.

I feel like mental health is often overlooked or brushed off, so I believe in encouraging people to do what makes them the happiest, whether it be a mental health beach day, or a rainy movie day, a break is always needed and encouraged. 

Days on the boat with the boys and my husband are my favorite mental health days



Virtual Assistant/Marketing Specialist

I'm originally from Maryland but now live in San Diego and I'm a fur mama to the sweetest of babies! 5 to be exact! I work behind the scenes here in marketing. I help to maintain organization and promote online growth for our clients. Working in this position is rewarding in that one day is never the same as the last, and helping others succeed and grow their businesses is an added feel-good bonus.


Mental illness crept into my life in my early twenties and it has taught me how simple, mundane tasks can feel incredibly daunting and unachievable. The battle with my mental health is an up-and-down roller coaster and learning coping skills and having a therapist I trust and can rely on has helped give me my freedom back. Here's a simple reminder that resonates with me, even on my toughest of days...

"Just because no one else can heal or do your inner work for you, doesn't mean you can, should, or need to do it alone."


Virtual Assistant

I am a mom of two beautiful children and we reside in New Jersey. Born and raised in New Jersey with 1 brother and 3 sisters. I have an Associates Degree in Applied Science and a certificate for Medical Billing and Coding. I am newly engaged and I enjoy spending time with my dog and my kids. I have a knack for organization and enjoy helping others whenever I can. 

Mental health is important to me because I have had my own journey throughout my life. Cognitive behavioral therapy has helped me in ways I didn't think was possible. I think if you have a healthy mindset, it sets the tone for the entire day.  

Prior to going to school for medical billing, I was a full time hairdresser for 10 years. I got my cosmetology license while I was in high school and began working right after. I still do hair on the weekends because I enjoy the creative aspect of it. 



Virtual Assistant

My name is Monique and I'm a big believer in learning and consider myself a life-long learner. Whether it's in a traditional classroom, taking courses online, or by adventuring out in the world. I love to travel! I am an Early Childhood Specialist Consultant and Yoga Instructor.


Being a VA combines my skill of being detail-oriented and my passion to help others. It's amazing to be able to do that from home. The flexibility is great and allows me to do many of the careers I enjoy each day.


Mental health is important to me because it is important! It makes a huge difference in every person's quality of life and often has a ripple effect on the people surrounding them. I've seen the difference it makes in family dynamics, in the well-being of young children, and in my own life. I've gone to therapy in the past and believe it's a great resource. It's also one of the reasons I became a Yoga Instructor. I believe yoga and meditation are great ways to support mental health.

Professional Pic - Monique L_edited.png


Calls and Scheduling Specialist

I have many years of experience in Customer Service, ranging from banking to tech support. I really enjoy helping others & the admin side of business is something I have always loved which is why I felt joining an amazing company that specializes in the Mental Health Field was where my passion lies.

I was lucky to marry my best friend! I have 4 bio children & 1 bonus son, ages from 4- 23, I enjoy cooking & hosting every possible holiday and/or event I can find, because to me family time is my absolute favorite time so when I have a full house, I'm my happiest!

Mental health for me is important for many reasons. One of them I think everyone can relate to- COVID! When the pandemic hit, me and my children like many others struggled with our mental health. However, reaching out for help & being transparent with my children about mental health really saved us all! One good thing came from Covid to our family & that is open communication & no judgement, if anyone struggles we come together to work through whatever obstacle it is as a family!

Eva Marie

Virtual Assistant

Bio coming soon!


Leta Guzman

Founder/CEO/Private Practice Coach

As the founder and CEO alone, Leta has many roles within the company. With a passion for mental health and a drive to help others succeed Leta decided to start a virtual assistant business that grew into a successful business. With skills to run a business starting at 7 years old and Administrative experience starting as young as 14 Leta always knew she wanted to create a business to become successful and help others at the same time. Leta is married to a supportive husband and has 2 beautiful children and resides in sunny South Florida. " I love what I do on a daily basis for my clients, I am very thankful that I can be a part of helping people become mentally healthy" -Leta Guzman

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