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  • Are the Virtual Assistance familiar with the mental health platforms I use?
    All of our team members that are virtually assisting are fulling trained in all areas of mental health platforms like EHR's, HIPPA compliant phone system and emails, insurance portals and availity. We specialize in Simple Practice billing. We also have experience with Theranest scheduling, and Therapy Notes scheduling.
  • What hours do the Virtual Assistants work?
    Each assistant will work the hours you office is open. Weekends and after 5pm is an additional charge and is fulfilled upon request.
  • What can a Virtual Assistant help my practice with?
    Our trained virtual assistants can help with many tasks. Calls and Scheduling, Billing and Marketing are the most common areas that Practice owners utilize out services. We specialize in Simple Practice billing.
  • Are the virtual assistants trained in the mental health field?
    All of the VA's that work for Stress-Free Private Practice Management are HIPAA compliant trained, Background check and undergo an inhouse mental health administration training. We make sure that all assistants understand the mental health field and are just as passionate as a practice owner about the field. We also make sure to train any VA's that answer the phones on compassion and emergency phone situations. We know that the first connection starts with us answering the phone so building those long lasting connection with clients is our goal.
  • Do you offer billing services for therapists?
    We specialize in Simple practice billing and can help you with your solo practice billing needs and group practice billing needs. No need to stress about dealing with the insurance companies when it comes to billing. Let us be your billing secret weapon.
  • Are all calls answered live?
    I would love to say yes 100%! However that is not the case. We do answer calls live but we under no circumstance put any clients on hold. This takes away from the clients experience and our opportunity to connect with the client. So most calls are answered live and if not they are called back with in an hour as long as they call within normal business hours.
  • How do I communicate with my Virtual Assistant?
    We have many methods to communicate with the assigned virtual assistants. The best way to communicate with the VA is through email. We also offer scheduled calls and are always communicating through the shared google task sheets.
  • How much will Virtual Assistant services cost my practice?
    Depending on what services are needed and the size of the practice you should plan to spend on a monthly basis anywhere between $550-$1650. If you require more detailed assistance and would like us to provide back office support on all levels for a large group practice the cost per month can range between $2000-$4000.
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