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Owning A Small Business: What is an EAP?

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

Ever heard of the term EAP before?


Well, I am here to help explain what this is and how it plays into your private practice.

To better understand EAPs and why you may need one, first know what a Representative Assistance Program (let's use RAP as an acronym that way we don't have to type out the program's entire name every time we mention it!) is. These are programs in which they have been advanced to address the issues well on the way to affect worker execution. It is basically a protection program for your employees.

Let's face it, we don't all always have good days... sometimes we get bad news that a loved one passed away or someone just hit their car in the parking lot. Whatever the occurrence may be, it is important to have a plan and a program in place to protect not only your employees but your practice as well. So what does EAP have to do with this?

Simple. On the off chance that the RAP upsets and diverts workers, there is most likely an EAP asset to address it. The other primary contrast among EAP and social wellbeing programs, including teletherapy, is the extent of what they cover.

Basically, social wellbeing programs will, in general, zero in on the individual and address mental, passionate, and actual wellsprings of stress to make better practices. A regular EAP offering for the most part centers around outside stressors, as monetary issues, senior consideration, or legitimate concerns. Ordinarily, EAP's directing meetings are accessible for a set number of visits at no expense to representatives.

Representative Assistance Programs commonly incorporate a blend of the accompanying psychological well-being assets for workers:

  • Interfaces workers with assets that help them manage pressure

  • Incorporates momentary directing, just as different administrations like legitimate and monetary help

  • Can assist workers with associating term directing assets like teletherapy

  • Is typically free for representatives

So there you go! The basics of running a private practice will include many programs to look into such as the EAP along with ways in keeping your practice stress-free and HIPAA-compliant email hosts (Pssst... missed those topics of interest? Don't worry, you can read all about ways that can make your private practice stress-free here and a nice list of HIPAA-compliant email hosts here.)

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