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What did you learn in the field that school didn't prepare you for?

Many people come right out of college with expectations that they will be able to begin their Private practice and have all of the skills from school to do so. Unfortunately, most therapists come to the realization that school didn't teach them how to create and run a successful private practice. Hopefully, this blog post will help you feel like you aren't alone in this process. Below are some great examples of what was learned int the field by other therapists.

Business skills (how to run a business)

Don't do credentialing on your own ask an expert for help

You don’t have to work with everybody

Business and the importance of studying under master therapists

How common suicidal ideation really is

The best way to learn and prepare for longevity in the field is through your own long term therapy

Know your worth collect your fees upfront or in a timely manner

Hire a virtual assistant to make your life easier

Clients don't come running to you, you have to market your practice

Be careful who you work under in the beginning, pick someone with the same views as you

Start slowly so that you can really learn in detail

Take your time to pick you specialty

Don't make decisions based off of emotions

When starting a group practice pick like-minded people

It doesn't happen overnight, it takes time, be patient

If you are looking to specialize in something like sex therapy you will need additional training

CEU's teach you so much pay attention so that you can expand your knowledge

Don't be so hard on your self, school didn't teach you everything, this is all a learning process

Just know that you are not alone. School may not have taught you everything but fortunately, there are many resources and tools to learn all you need to know to have a successful private practice. Take it slow and relax you got this!

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