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What are the Benefits of the Practice Management VA Training Program for Therapists?

When I started training virtual assistants to specialize in the mental health field I had no idea how much of an impact it would make on therapists. I was expecting to be able to empower a new audience of virtual assistants that were wanting to specialize in the same field which has brought me so much joy. Don't get me wrong, I am doing that, but there was an unusual need for this same program for therapists. Once I had so much positive feedback I knew that I had to share this opportunity with my original audience of therapists. It brings me even more joy to share with you, as a therapist, how this program can have a positive impact on your career.

Interns and Pre-Licensed - As an intern, it can be hard to survive on the non-existing therapist salary. I have even heard stories of people quitting the field before they even get started because it is just too hard to make a living in the beginning. It really does make me sad to know some people are not able to continue their dream because of financial reasons. The Practice Management VA Training Program allows therapists that are in the intern stage and be able to create an income and still be working in the mental health field. When I coach practice owners, I hear stories all the time about working at a bar or waiting tables part-time just to make ends meet. Nothing wrong with that at all. But what if you could do something within the field you will have a degree in? Would that be time well spent? Not to mention the program gives you a blueprint of how a practice is supposed to be run. So if private practice dreams are in your future this program is the kick start to making that dream happen.

Therapists (Supplemental Income) - No one likes to feel burnt out, especially in your private practice. However often times I see practice owners struggle with the feeling of burnout. A great way to avoid the road of burnout is to supplement your income. For some therapists, this seems like a daunting task. Something that causes them to free stressed or anxious. I get it, if you are already struggling with feeling overwhelmed with your practice the last thing you want to do is take on a new project. Sometimes it is a good idea to decrease your caseload and focus on something else to create another stream of income. I want to share a little secret with you. Do you know who makes the best virtual assistants in the mental health field? That's right you guessed it, THERAPISTS! With such vast knowledge of the mental health field, it comes naturally for therapists with the right training. There are many tasks that can be done part-time. It is also a great way to increase your caseload slowly and still be working in the mental health field. It gives you the experience you need to understand the client base at a low investment cost and will only add a huge benefit to your skill set.

Private Practice Owners (Learning to Manage Your Practice) - I love love love when I have brand new practice owners come to me for coaching and ask me to help walk them through the process of managing a practice. They seem to have the basics down but can not really put together the management part as well. I love when they come to me because this is what I specialize in and I know that if they are seeking the help they are really serious about having a successful practice and, they are not afraid to ask for help! I am not sure who put the idea in every therapist's head that wants to be a private practice owner that they should have built-in business skills but it really does cause a lot of practice owners to have doubts about their ability to be a successful private practice business owner. More and more therapists gain the confidence needed to learn how to manage their practice with the program. With the added group coaching services that the program comes with it allows them to receive guidance on their own practice in real-time with current issues.

Private Practice Owners (Hiring a VA) - Before I created this program I always insisted when practice owners hire a VA that they find an agency that specializes in the mental health field and go from there. I had heard so many horror stories about people hiring individuals that didn't have the experience needed and ended up dealing with huge issues that could have cost them their practice. While I still think this to an extent, I also feel like anyone that uses our course to learn how to manage a practice is going to do it perfectly as long as they follow the system. Not hiring an agency has a few advantages but the main one is price. Agency prices can be $50-70 per hour! I understand the reasoning, I have a manager for each division of service, and I spot-check tasks and do not bill the client for them. I pay for all of the back-end platforms needed to make sure everyone is doing everything correctly. I pay for all training, HIPAA certifications, background checks, and so on. I even give out a monthly mental health credit to my contractors. It all adds up! However, if you hire a virtual assistant with basic experience and then have them take the VA training course then you are going to be paying a percentage of the hourly cost. Somewhere in the range of $30-55. For a new practice that can make a huge difference. This program is also a great way to have ongoing help for the VA you hire through the group coaching portion of the program. They can ask questions about your practice and even screen share the current issues for help (rest assured we keep within the HIPAA guidelines).

Now that you know all of the benefits of the Practice Management VA Training Program. If you know someone that can benefit from this program pass it along. If you feel like this program could be a benefit to you feel free to schedule a free 15 minute call to learn more. You can also check out the program details here.

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