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What are some FREE materials you can give out to build your email list.

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

It's no secret that marketing is one of the best ways to grow your private practice. Offering a free product in return for an email to grow your email list is a key part of making your marketing plans come together. But what free product should you offer? Below is a list of ideas I have put together and have used for my clients for a free offer. I have also labeled them from easy to hard so that you know what freebie is best for you to start with.

Create a worksheet (Easy)

Create a checklist (Easy)

Create a mini-workshop (Hard)

Create a discount program (affiliate link) (Medium)

Create a series of emails that explain a specific topic (Hard)

Create a website pop up (Medium)

Create an infographic (Easy)

Create a workbook (Medium)

If this task already seems overwhelming to you then start slow. Pick an easy freebie and start there. Work your way up to a mini-workshop. I have attached a template from canva that I created and use to create my client's freebies. I hope it is helpful for you!

Click Here for your FREE Canva template

If you do not have Canva and want to try a FREE Pro trial Click Here

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