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The Mind Explained: A Limited Netflix Series

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

I love the Netflix series Explained, but have you seen the short 5-video series titled "The Mind Explained"? It literally blows my mind with all of the information they packed into the 20-minute episodes!

There's just so much information! The references to CBT therapy are fantastic. My favorite quote from the series is:

meditation quiets your self-absorbed monkey mind

If you haven't seen this series yet, let me help break down what happened. Here is a list of each episode and some details. You may even be able to use these series to explain anxiety or mindfulness to your clients.

Episode 1: Memory

How does your remembering work? Delve into the way the brain stores, processes, and retrieves memories and why certain ones sometimes prove unreliable.

Episode 2: Dreams

Why do we dream? When the lights go out, interesting things happen in the brain and body. What are the significants of dreams, and what can they teach us?

Episode 3: Anxiety

Feeling Anxious? You're not alone. Stand-up comedian Maria Barnford shares her personal experience with OCD in the examination of anxiety disorder.

Episode 4: Mindfulness

Take a deep cleansing breath and slowly exhale. Be enlightened on the impact meditation can have on your mind and body.

Episode 5: Psychedelics

What happens to your brain on psychedelics? This episode will explore the history & effectiveness of mind-altering substances.

Interesting right? Don't wait. Look up the series on Netflix (this could be one of your mental breaks for the day).

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