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Taking insurance has NEVER been this easy!

Yes! I said it. Taking insurance just got super simple. Imagine taking insurance but not having to deal with the insurance companies at all. Imagine never dealing with another denial again. Would that be a dream come true? Not only would it be a wonderful dream come true but it would also help grow your practice on many levels.

So how in the world can taking insurance be a stress-free and easy process? Well, let me explain before you think it is too good to be true.

Let me tell you a little bit about Headway. Headway is the solution to taking insurance without any of the headaches. Hold on it gets better. It is FREE! That's right 100% FREE. "We’re a venture-backed mental health startup rewiring the mental health industry for access, affordability, and quality. We make it easy for providers to accept insurance flexibility in their private practice, and in turn, easy for clients to find great care they can afford. Thousands of therapists are already using Headway in their practice."

So if you are a practice that doesn't take insurance at all or a practice that does but deals with the complications of dealing with insurance companies this may be a great solution for you. Not to mention that it is also making affordable mental health care more accessible to those that need it.

Being that Headway is a start-up company this means that they are not in every state at this point. However they are dilegently working on establishing contracts in many states at the moment.

If you feel like Headway is a good fit for your practice and you want more information. Click the link belwo to sign up. Be sure to check out the PDF list below to find out what insurance is accepted in the state you are licensed.

We love calaborating with like minded companies that support therapists. Feel free to comment on our FB page about any questions you may have about Headway. Also feel free to share your own expericnces you may have from working with Headway.

Be sure to look for our next blog post on how Headway can help you grow your private practice.

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