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Monarch By Simple Practice

Updated: Aug 29, 2021

One of my favorite EHR platforms is Simple Practice!

I love Simple Practice for many reasons...

  1. Their EHR platform is truly simple

  2. Billing with Simple Practice is a breeze

  3. You can go PAPERLESS (which I discussed in one of my previous blogs about Going Paperless With Simple Practice)

  4. There are many more reasons why I love Simple Practice as an EHR platform (which you can read about here)

But guess what else!?

Now Simple Practice has created a therapy directory site! I am sure this site will be just as put together as the rest of Simple Practice so I want to take the opportunity to highlight some of the features. Check out my top 3 favs below!

My Top 3 Highlights of Monarch's Amazing Features: The New Therapy Directory Site Features

#1 The Simple Practice Integration

One of the most exciting things about Monarch is that it connects directly to the Simple Practice EHR system, giving both patients and therapists an all-in-one solution that ensures the secure, seamless flow of information from the time an appointment is scheduled all the way through to the actual visit, billing, follow-up appointments, and more. What a time saver!

#2 The Cost of Monarch by Simple Practice

From now until the end of 2021, if you are a current Simple practice user, it is free to be listed on Monarch! How amazing is that? You get all of the perks of Monarch for no additional cost. I am sure at some point there will be a cost to be on the directory but for now, run and sign up while it is free!

#3 The Story Behind The Name

I love when something I am involved with has a name that represents something meaningful. Monarch is no different when it comes to a name with a meaning. Butterflies have long been a symbol of transformation, and also of Psyche, the guardian of the soul in Greek mythology. Given that Monarch’s parent company, Simple Practice has used the butterfly for its transformational connotations, we felt it important to reference both our roots and the beauty and power that the butterfly, and its unique lifecycle, represents.

Across many cultures, the monarch’s bold, bright appearance has long signaled the return of a soul to its familial home.

The monarch’s journey is ultimately a defining part of its existence. To us, the journey to improved mental health bears a resemblance to the monarch’s journey. Therapy can be a key to deep soul transformation and a reminder that brighter days are always ahead.

If you are already a Simple Practice user, then taking advantage of this free directory website is a no-brainer. I am sure you have read a blog post or two that I have written that says being on a therapy directory site is crucial to your marketing campaign (if you haven't, don't worry, you can read about Simple Practice and going paperless here and how great of an EHR platform Simple Practice is, in our top 3 list, here). If you want to learn more about Monarch to make a decision on if it is a great fit for you check out the link below.

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