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Is your office decorated for the holidays?

Should you decorate your office? Is it okay too? Will it offend someone? All of these things may come to mind when you think about decorating your office for the holidays, Here is a list of things to think about when making the decision.

If you are looking to decorate here are some things to consider.

- For some people holidays are a trigger. Think of that before filling your office with decorations that may remind them of a death in the family or a really hard time for them.

- If you mainly work with kids it may be a good idea to decorate. Especially if you can have the kids make snowflakes or snowmen to put in the office. It's a way for them to contribute to the decorating. (It is also a natural decoration)

- When decorating think of it as being festive rather than celebrating the specific holiday.

- Decorating for seasons seems to be a hit. Decorations can stay up for longer and you would only need to redecorate times a year. This will also avoid any type of triggers or conflict in religion,

- Take into consideration all of the religions that come into your office, if it would be too complicated to decorate for all maybe you shouldn't decorate in general.

- If it is going to stress you out. DONT do it. It just isn't worth the stress.

-If you have staff members get their opinion. It is important that everyone is on board.

- When decorating think cozy. What will make your client feel safe and comfortable?

- During specific seasons or holidays change the color pallet to represent the season or holiday. Change out pillows or fake flowers.

At the end of the day, the choice is yours. To play it safe I suggest keeping it simple and stress-free. Make sure your office is always a safe space for your clients. Keep it simple!

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