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How can having a blog grow my private practice?

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

There are so many ways to grow your Private Practice. Blogging is one of my favorite ways! Not only are you educating potential clients on your specialty, but you are also giving them a little piece of who you are. You can also use a blog to create content for social media platforms and offer affiliate links to make extra money. Below are a few ways to grow your private practice with blogging.

Promote your Practice- When you are writing blogs keep in mind that promoting your practice should definitely be a number one goal. To do this, blog about your specialty. Educate the potential new client so that when they make the decision to choose you as a therapist they know they made the best decision. You can also blog about upcoming products or workshops. Promote anything that you are part of like a feature in a magazine or a feature in a podcast.

Make some extra money- How in the world can you make money with blogs? Easy Affiliate links! Often times there may be a product related to your specialty that you want to share with a potential or existing client. Write a blog post about the product benefits and add an affiliate link. You can easily become an affiliate with Amazon and offer those links to products for purchase. You can also make a blog post full of links like a book recommendation blog. Be sure to only make one affiliate link blog post a month. Too many more than that, a month looks a little spammy.

Create content- Creating content from blog posts is the best social media marketing ever. Leading your social media accounts back to your website is the best way to land a new client. When creating blogs that you look to use as content make a blog post containing a list or steps. Use each of the steps as an individual graphic to share on social media and add your link to the post. You will most likely get more traffic to your website and will potentially lead to more clients.

If you are looking to create a blog and do not know where to start try using Wix. Their blog websites are beautiful and easy to use.

P.S This is a great example of how to use affiliate links in a blog post to generate extra income for your private practice. :)

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