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Do YOU need a website? ( COVID 19 Series )

During this current situation (COVID 19) having a website can really help your marketing goals be met. More now than ever people are actively online. They may also be needing help and not even know it. They will most likely come to the terms that they need help and they need a therapist. Let them find you through your information website that is full of informational blog posts. Here are a few ways to use your website to draw in customers.

1. Having a website can give a potential client the chance to get to know you before they even meet with you. Make sure you make your website a bit personal. Give your potential client the chance to know your views and how to will approach therapy with the potential client. This is important too now more than ever because of the fact that your session will most likely not be in person.

2.Branding. Branding is especially important when it comes to your website. Make sure to pick a logo and brand around it. Your website should be cohesive and flow nicely. Pick a theme and color pallet that showcases your therapy personality.

3. Make a presents. Having a website will allow you to create an active blog. The blog will allow you to create content and lead potential clients back to your website. Original content is the best and having a website that includes a blog will allow you to explore all of your content needs.

4. Call to action. Having an email marketing list is a great way to expand your marketing efforts. When potential clients come to your website. Make sure you have a call to action pop up. Have clients give you their email address in return for a free giveaway.

5. Clear navigation-Make sure your website is easy to navigate through. The last thing a new client wants is to have to spend time getting lost before they give up altogether. Make your message clear and create a calming online experience.

6. Be creative. Dont be afraid to stand out. Incorporate videos on your website and within your marketing efforts. Create an about me video and have that in the about me section. It gives it a personal touch.

I know all of this can be extremely hard to process. I have put together a PDF checklist for you to follow when creating your website. If you are not sure where to get started when creating a website your self try starting off with It is an easy platform to use to help create an excellent website. I am also offering a website build at a discount to help anyone that needs a website get one set up. See below for the information.

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