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10 Amazing Toys for Play Therapy! (Easy-to-Sanitize Toys)

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

It can be hard to find the right toys for your play therapy practice. Given the current situation, it can become even harder. I've put together a list of the top 10 toys that are not only easy to sanitize but are also compact and can be used for multiple purposes. Check out the list below and see what you may want to add to your office collection!

-Liquid motion bubble timer- Super easy to sanitize and doesn't take up much room. My son loves these timers for when we have gratitude time. Whoever is saying what they are grateful for, gets to hold the timer. It's a favorite game in our house.

-Mini kitchen set- This is another toy that is easy to clean and doesn't take up a lot of space. This toy can also be used for boys and girls.

Lego Table/Drawing table portable- This Lego table is just for Lego's. You can also convert it into a drawing board, a place to eat, or sit and read. And, if you are feeling really brave, you can also use it as a sand table. You can sanitize everything (although I do suggest you only use single-use sand so that no germs are spread). What makes this Lego table even better is that it can fold up and be used as a storage case.

-Dollhouse- This dollhouse isn't just super cute, it is easy to sanitize and folds up for easy storage! It's a no brainer when it comes to having a dollhouse in your office.

-Stress Ball- Who doesn't like stress balls? These are easy to store and also easy to clean. They are perfect for all ages, and both boys and girls love them.

-All About Me Family Counters- What I love about these is all of the colors, and the fact that they are amazingly easy to clean. These are also an item that both boys and girls will love to play with.

-Magnetic 3D Building Blocks- Personally, I love these. When my kids are playing with them, I always play too. Your imagination can go wild with these- building a house, car, garage, and so much more. I sanitize these on a weekly basis and keep them in a big bin for easy storage.

-Magnetic Building Sticks - You can't go wrong with these magnetic building sticks! Another easy-to-clean item for fun-filled playing for boys and girls.

-Hand Spinner- This hand spinner is better for older kids. It isn't your typical spinner. It does take a little more skill to use. But once you learn, it is so much fun.

-Magnetic Balls- I first found these magnetic balls when I saw them on YouTube. The sound alone of playing with them is wonderful and almost soothing. They are a toy that you can put on a shelf to store or even as a decoration. Kids of all ages love to build with these magnetic balls.

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