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Stress-Free Consulting Services

If your Private Practice needs a little extra help to get a project started then the consulting services we offer are 

perfect for you. Let's break down what areas we can help you in and what offer is best for you. 

Here are a few of the amazing projects we can help you with.

- Blog planning (The secret way to build your practice)

- Workshop launch planning (How and where do I launch a workshop?)

- Website planning (What does my website need?)

- Marketing planning (What should my marketing approach be?)

- Content planning ( What is the right content to post? How do I create organic content?)

- Podcast planning (How do I get started? What should my podcast be about?)

- Social media planning ( What platforms are best for my practice?)

- Referral source build-out (How can I have a great referral source list?)

- Email marketing planning (How can I grow my email marketing list?)

- Practice management and procedures (Should I hire extra help? Do they need to be a W-2 employee or a 1099 employee?)

- Guidance for all things private practice (What platforms are best for my practice?)

- Private practice start-up (Where do I start what steps come first?)


Let's get on the road to success- This 50-minute coaching call will allow us to come up with a plan to get you on track to achieving your private practice goals. This option also comes with an email overview of our call and a follow-up task list. Choosing this option is best to go over a project list you may need direction on how to approach or to discuss a plan you have in place already to make sure you are on the right track.

Let's make it happen- This option is two one hour calls to really get things going. We will come up with a strategic plan to make sure you will hit your goals in a timely manner. This option also comes with an email overview of our call and a follow-up task list. If you were looking to choose this option then it may be to work on projects like blogging, website planning or, content creation planning. 

Private Practice Three Month Coaching- This option is best for projects like workshop planning, Marketing goals,  getting started with Blogging, and any other private practice goals that take more than one session to address. This option comes with an email overview of our call and a follow-up task list, private access to blog posts that will help you grow and scale your practice, and a $50.00 credit towards virtual assistant services. This option is best for private practice owners that are looking to launch a workshop or marketing, and content planning.

We cant wait to get started with you! It is our passion to help Private Practice owners grow and scale. 

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